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You're a night fisherman, and you spot a boat approaching. You bait your rod and steel yourself, ready for interrogation. Once he arrives, the man on the opposite deck is calm, civilised, and has a shotgun slung across his back. 

How's this gonna go down?

“Deals with some difficult subject matter in a thoughtful and captivating way”
Free Game Planet

“Far Few Giants are changing the game of interactive cinematography”

“A powerful execution of micro-fiction”
The Escapist


The English Protection Group keep a watchful eye on the Smuggler's Run, a renowned crossing for vessels bound from Calais containing illegal immigrants.

When faced with an armed man, his voracious appetite for conversation, and nobody else for miles, can you safely get rid of him?

This is a single, film-like scene. You direct the fisherman's actions, as well as directing the camera shots between the cinematic angles available.

The first of twelve small, experimental narrative games to be released monthly.


  • Intense maritime story set in the English channel.
  • Surreal, beautiful seascape.
  • Choose your fate: will you get out of this alive?
  • Cinematic experience where you direct the camera.
  • Surging orchestral soundtrack by Richard Campbell.
  • An homage to one of cinema's greatest scenes.
  • Roughly 5-10 minutes in length.


1. The Night Fisherman
2. The Outcast Lovers


Keyboard & mouse only

Left & right arrows / A & D - change camera
Mouse left click - progress text, select dialogue option


Racism, off-screen violence

Made in a week. Far Few Giants is supported by our Patreon subscribers.
If you'd like to follow our journey, we'll be posting one narrative game a month for the next 12 months on Patreon and Itch.

de Fault: @antony_de_fault   ||   Chard: @animtree

Richard Campbell: @ziggidybang

Special thanks to our advance testers.

For youtubers, streamers & press - Presskit


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$1.00 $0.00 USD or more

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The Night Fisherman for Windows 52 MB
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Development log


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I played this game alongside a much nicer family friendly game and the juxtaposition actually made me feel REALLY WEIRD.

The only reason this video existes is because of this game a few others. Great game and BLStillM

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It was so relaxed and chill. Then, out of the blue BANG...
I tried playing it one more time, picking different answers and hoping for another ending.
Still, enjoyed it. Nice one!


I'm not sure if there was a more light-hearted way to end the game, rather than the devastating ending I received, but holy sh*t! Is this based on true fact, was this a thing? The game is short, but for sure runs DEEP. The environment design is beautiful, and the sound design is smooth and on point! Sometimes it's nice to take a step back and allow something other than horror premiere on my channel!

Great work!


Thank you for making this series. We can't wait for the next game. We loved playing and talking about The Night Fisherman and The Outcast Lovers last night on our live show #IndieGameClub!

You can watch it here!

Facebook: https://facebook.com/watch/live/?v=453317698965514


this was a rollercoaster of a game. really thought provoking and a refreshing change to what i usually post on my channel. will be covering more of the sacrifices soon!


Oh my, this visual novel made my heart lose a beat. It was so hard to accept the ending! Wow! It's wild how much this game can express in 7 minutes. Unforgettable.


This is a story I'm already sympathetic to, and playing it to the end did not somehow make my sympathy run deeper... It just made me sad, something I feel often enough regarding the situation. Without spoiling, I don't think anyone already sympathetic to the fisherman and his plight have much insight to gain here, and I'm not sure anything except direct interpersonal experiences can change the mind of someone on the other side. People are heavily polarized today, and the hearts of many are hardened beyond repair.

It's nonetheless well made. I love the music and art and the writing is quite good, even if the other man's rhetoric is a bit too on the nose at times.


This was an incredibly uncomfortable experience, but also a completely necessary one. When I fired up this game I didn't really know what to expect (I try to go into a lot of games that catch my eye as blind as possible), but as the story ticked along I became sickeningly aware of what was happening.

Of course, that lump in my throat and queasy feeling  in the pit of my stomach only got worse as time went along.

Honestly, this was one of the most harrowing gaming experiences I've ever had. I don't know if the themes explored here will reach anyone it needs to (I hope it does), to change any minds about anything (I hope it will), but I think the devs have done an amazing job conveying some pretty real and raw emotions right here.

I hope they keep up the great work, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else we'll be seeing from them!


Wow, exactly what we were going for, thank you so much for the kind words! Next one's just come out too: https://farfewgiants.itch.io/the-outcast-lovers


after the ending that i got, i don't really know what to feel man. but when it comes to the atmosphere of the game, the sounds, the plot, the graphics it is simple yet effective!

p.s game starts at 11:18


This game is not what it seems 👀




I love the atmosphere created by the combination of the art and the music.

It feel calm and creepy at the same time. Can't wait for your next piece of art :D

Thanks so much! Next one's out now: https://farfewgiants.itch.io/the-outcast-lovers


Started playing, and it looks very good, Im just so fatigued by real world racism and dehumanization of the powerless that I don't think I really have the stomach to continue.  I see in a comment that the ending is unexpected.  If this really does go very differently than I expect, I think I may finish it now after all.  Thoughts??


I wouldn't recomend you. But the game is really good.


Did not see that story going the way it did, nice job.

Thank you! Great playthrough, btw.


Hey, is it possible, to add this free game to my Steam library?

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Hi, we'll be coming to Steam very soon!

But yes, you can, follow these instructions

Hi there! Great to hear it's coming to Steam. 

Thanks for answering my question. According to these instructions, I need to download and install the game, so I can add it to Steam, right? Kinda looking for a way so I DON'T have to install it, because I don't want all games installed all the time.

In that case, maybe look into the Itch desktop app?

That's not Steam, though :D But thank you anyway :)

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Yeah, sorry, It's impossible within steam to generate keys for free games, the only option is to wait for release.

https://store.steampowered.com/app/1340810/The_Night_Fisherman/ It's up there now ;)


you don't install it,  you just download and unzip it, then add it to steam, if that makes a difference (does to me, most the games here work this way, so adding them to steam really isn't *that* meaningfully different from downloading them from steam


I was not expecting such a beautifully told story in such a small package. I loved being able to choose what my camera was looking at and how that assisted the storytelling. 


I really enjoyed this, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you release next

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Hi Melitree, sorry we had to hide your comment as it contains spoilers, thanks for your rating though!

In answer to your question, it's open to your own interpretation.

Perfect game when you just want to relax.It's a nice text-based game and it surely brings some nostalgia from the good ol' times.Good job!

Catch anything good?


^.^ It got out of the hook and swam away


I really liked the soundtrack. Nice game.

Thanks! I'll tell Richard :)

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I loved the appealing art style of this game. It’s beautiful, yet something seems off. It’s a mysterious vibe. Really well done on the twist as well. I was not expecting it! The writing is great, and the simplicity of the design makes it an eerie yet calm atmosphere. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to experience a short, yet gripping, high tension tale.  https://youtu.be/XrT99nRQ7yA


Thanks for playing! Your face when you saw the thing... we got you!

Very well read too, would have loved to have heard more of your thoughts about the game and what you thought it meant :)


(I know the devs but) This is a very short interactive fiction with a twisted soul. Really effective overall design carries a deep political game <3



absolutely loved this one! Deep topics!

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Thanks for the play! I'm glad you appreciated it! Would have loved to hear a deeper exploration of your response to it at the end there :)


This was a very interesting game! i especially loved the music that went along with this it really helps build the atmosphere so great job! i can't wait to see what else you create! also i made a video so i hope you enjoy!

Thanks for playing, I'll let Richard know you loved his audio work :) Follow for next month's game!


wasn't expecting much but i played it and was intrigued by the story. Great game!!

Thanks for playing! It was great to hear you squirm when things started to heat up, haha. I'd have loved to have heard more of your opinions on the game at the end of the video, like  what worked for you, what didn't etc. Anyway, very well read! :)


Absolutely loved this experience. It's always great to have games that make you choose from very difficult choices and weigh your options.

Thanks for playing, I'm very glad you loved it! You have such a soothing voice haha


An amazing story with 2 very sad endings

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Deleted 114 days ago

I’m really glad you found the game so affecting! Thanks for playing! Unfortunately I can’t hide the spoilers in your comment so will have to delete but it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate you :)


That was a wonderful, powerful experience. I shivered after quitting the game.


Thank you so much! 

Glad to hear it had an impact on you.


I loved the art style and the shift in the atmosphire was done so well I look forward to playing more games made by you 

thank you so much! Your video was great, keep creating :)

If you follow us we'll be releasing a new short  every month.

Thank you that means a lot :) can't wait for the next one


Visually a great game, love the setting, music and story. You guys did a amazing job. Can't wait for the next stories!

Thank you so much, we hope you play some of our other games!


Tried game, I like it, it is short and interesting, artstyle used is really nice, I like used colours for the night sky. Music in background kept me calm until it took and went all emotional on me and I liked that. Thank you for the game ^^ It is interesting ^^

Thanks for playing, glad it connected with you :)


TRIED ALL DIALOGUE OPTIONS. Two endings happened. Wonder if there's more? Great job. Loved the soundtrack, art and storyline. Built up tension in a great way.



Pigeons are a type of fish right? Dealing with some pretty deep subjects today in The Night Fisherman! Is there a way to get a good ending?


Really nice homage/ interactive retelling of the opening scene from a certain movie. If I had to change anything I would not use the exact same lines from the movie, so that the reveal could be a little more unexpected.

All in all, a nice interactive experience

Thanks for playing! I believe I only directly lifted one line, which comes quite near the end, maybe I accidentally used more? But yeah, I deeply love that scene, and I unfortunately connect with it more and more these days... :( Anyway, glad you enjoyed!

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Yeah, I was thinking the same. I liked the setting, the artstyle, the atmosphere and the possibility to change the camera angles at any time, but the dialogue structure and the wording in the second half were too close to the original movie.

I love this movie and especially this scene too, but for the game you should have changed it a bit more in my opinion.

But nonetheless it's a nice game :)


I agree with Ozzy and Rocket, I think the connections between "a certain film" are more than a line at the end, which is exactly what made this game compelling to me. The film scene in question concerned nazis, who earned their considerable representation in the pantheon of fictional villians. By recasting a familiar scene into a new setting with a new antagonist, The Night Fisherman is a reminder that the evil of xenophobia isn't limited to historical boogiemen. You could make or remake this game a thousand ways, taking place in almost any time and any place (including the USA right now) and the story would still be true. 

This is what I was going for :) it wasn't imitation for imitation's sake, haha. Although there's only (I believe) one directly copied line, there's obviously a lot of the dialogue/structure that I fairly unashamedly reinterpreted for the English Channel context.


Loved it, real good!
What I would recommend is to not give the player so much camera movement, getting a prompt for keys made me feel like camera action was required to progress the story.

That being said, the camera angles covered in there are really good, so as devs you can use the different ones throughout to convey a transition in the story's tone, as opposed to letting the player tinker and watch the admittedly pretty set without the extra narrative impact of game-controlled camera switches

However, I just read that 'youre the director' bit, which is interesting I would LOVE to see a game where you shifting between cameras, and thereby changing the mood, changes the outcome

(Do tell me if that's already the case)

(1 edit)

Hey, thanks for playing! The game forces camera changes for specific narrative moments, so if you never pressed anything you'd get a very loose version of our intended story.

It's certainly an option to consider for the future, but its current implementation (while kinda basic) is true to what we wanted to make. Would love to make a game with directing more of a focus in the future.

Thanks for playing! The camera idea was something we just wanted to throw out and see how people responded to. Response seems to have been mixed, maybe if we did your suggestion and built more of the game design around it it'd work? Anyway, please consider rating the game! :)


short and good

Thanks for playing!