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The Change Architect is a choice-driven protest simulator. With live camera feeds, an eagle eye view and friends on the ground, it's up to you to co-ordinate the safety and effectiveness of your demonstration from those who would look to do more than just disperse it.

“Deals with some difficult subject matter in a thoughtful and captivating way”
Free Game Planet

“Far Few Giants are changing the game of interactive cinematography”

“A powerful execution of micro-fiction”
The Escapist


Hundreds of thousands of people have amassed in London, as Baron Sugar is attempting to seize control of the country.

When faced with police rioting, provocateurs, and eventually the military, can you successfully resist?

This is a single, film-like scene. You decide Jemima's actions as she directs the crowd from above the streets, as well as directing the camera shots between the cinematic angles available.

The fifth of twelve small, experimental narrative games to be released monthly.


  • Struggle with a timely political conflict.
  • Choose your own: what do your decisions say about you?
  • Direct the camera to shoot the story your way.
  • Lose yourself in surreal colours.
  • Enjoy a moving score by Richard Campbell.
  • A tight, intense 10 minutes.


The Change Architect is the third game in The Sacrifices, our series of seven interconnected games, which spotlight thought-provoking, progressive stories. Please consider backing The Sacrifices on Kickstarter.


Keyboard & mouse only

Left & right arrows / A & D / Num 1-6 - change camera
Mouse left click - progress text, select dialogue option


Intense scenes, violence, police brutality

Far Few Giants is supported by our Patreon subscribers. If you'd like to follow our journey, we'll be posting one narrative game a month on Patreon, Itch & Steam.

de Fault: @antony_de_fault   ||   Chard: @animtree

Richard Campbell: @ziggidybang

Special thanks to our advance testers.

For youtubers, streamers & press - Presskit


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$3.00 $0.00 USD or more

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The Change Architect for macOS 131 MB


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I have a consistent problem where the text on all of your games will instantly speed by without me pressing any buttons...


Very strange! Could you tell me a little more about your physical setup? Which mouse and keyboard you have, and whether you have any other input devices plugged in that you maybe aren't using?

(2 edits)

I'm running the game on a Dell G5 with Windows 10 and the keyboard and mouse that came with my Dell Optiplex 360. I have a headset, an audio interface. and a Switch Pro Controller plugged in as well. Maybe that's what's causing the issue.


OK, it seems the Pro Controller was causing the problem.


Thanks so much for diagnosing that! Glad my suspicion about other input devices was correct because otherwise it would’ve been horrible to work out! We’ll see what we can do. 




a must play

(1 edit) (+2)

Absolutely incredible with top-notch and very powerful storytelling!


bro i wish i can give you money but this is indeed had a GREAT storyline


Thanks for the great game!

I liked playing with montage of the scenes by changing camera angles at different pace. 

Music escalates wonderfully and makes for a wholesome experience. The contrast between escalating emotional intensity of the story and eery stillness of the scene is unsettling. 


Excellent third part!