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Driving home late one night you encounter a refugee in distress. They are looking for salvation. Do you hand them over to violent authorities? Or risk sheltering them yourself?

“Deals with some difficult subject matter in a thoughtful and captivating way”
Free Game Planet

“Far Few Giants are changing the game of interactive cinematography”

“A powerful execution of micro-fiction”
The Escapist


Foreigners reported to the authorities have a nasty habit of being 'disappeared' by the vigilante English Protection Group.

You're outcasts, living a private life miles from others already. When faced with someone desperate and alone, someone you're in a position to help, is it your responsibility to?

This is a single, film-like scene. You control the actions of Ola, a retired political cartoonist, as well as directing the camera shots between the cinematic angles available.

The second of twelve small, experimental narrative games to be released monthly.


  • Struggle with a timely political dilemma.
  • Choose your own: what does your decision say about you?
  • Direct the camera to shoot the story your way.
  • Lose yourself in surreal colours.
  • Enjoy a moving score with arrangements of 90’s classics by Ricky Z.
  • A tight, intense 10 minutes.



Keyboard & mouse only

Left & right arrows / A & D - change camera 
Mouse left click - progress text, select dialogue option


Racism, off-screen violence

Far Few Giants is supported by our Patreon subscribers. If you'd like to follow our journey, we'll be posting one narrative game a month on Patreon, Itch & Steam.

de Fault: @antony_de_fault   ||   Chard: @animtree

Richard Campbell: @ziggidybang

Special thanks to our advance testers.

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Visuals are great ! Nice game !


Another short and gripping story. It also got a big connection to The Night Fisherman. 
If you liked The Night Fisherman, you’ll enjoy The Outcast Lovers. 
Beautiful design, lots of choices to vary the dialogues, and 2 endings to discover. 
Go for it!


Another beautiful development from yours truly! The overall hot-button issue is a complicated and sticky one, in any country. I'm curious, what would most decide if they found themselves in this scenario? But all seriousness aside, I loved the experience and look forward to playing 'The Imagined Leviathan'!

Great work!


The Outcast Lovers is a slightly more lighthearted follow-up to the first game in this series from Far Few Giants (The Night Fisherman), however it's still got a very tense atmosphere.

The story itself is straightforward enough, a couple hit an asylum seeking child with their car whilst out for a drive and take him home with them. There, they keep give him some food and a drink and have a discussion about what to do with him. Essentially whether to adopt him right there and then or to give him up to the authorities.

The couple's discussion and playful arguing with each other really helps to cut through the overall tension (especially when you get a bit deeper into the game), and there are decisions to be made that can affect the story.

This really was another eye-opening and fun experience, and I like the way the devs play with the standard gameplay formats to craft something entirely their own. Well worth checking out, but make sure to play The Night Fisherman first!

Slight spoiler warning incoming! I thought that the boy from this game may well have been the same boy who we left swimming for his life at the end of The Night Fishmerman, although I haven't seen any confirmation of this I think it would be a fair assumption to make!

Beautiful visual novel with stunning artwork. Very interesting story as well. Well done. Looking forward to playing "The Night Fisherman" next. Thank you!


D'y'ever start playing a game and realize, "WOW I am no where near qualified to talk on these matters?"

we all have to live in the world with the consequences of others' actions, therefore we are automatically qualified to talk on all matters that effect the world we live in. "Qualified" people also tend to be well off people who will never suffer consequences no matter how bad things get for everyone else.


Beautiful Game Will be on the look out for the next one 


I love games that discuss potentially difficult topics - you also did a good job making it approachable!


Thank you for making this series. We can't wait for the next game. We loved playing and talking about The Night Fisherman and The Outcast Lovers last night on our live show #IndieGameClub!

You can watch it here!

Facebook: https://facebook.com/watch/live/?v=453317698965514 Twitch: https://twitch.tv/videos/709455526 


The Outcast Lovers is my second game by Far Few Giants after The Night Fisherman. Both stories talk about immigrants and how much of our lives we are ready to change to help someone in distress. Another powerful game executed with great talent.


I kept pressing ESC hoping to get a pause screen or so, but instead, i passed through all the dialogue in an instant. (maybe a bug? idk)


We make these very quickly so we just didn't get around to adding a pause screen and I forgot to disable the Esc skipping :o

Thanks for pointing it out! We'll fix it


I did like that this one has a decision which leads to other decisions but the outcome to each game doesn't seem like they're going to be linked to each other at all since they're all separate games. The art is still nice being able to flip the camera around to find the one viewpoint where you can get a sneak peek at what is about to happen in the game is a cool reoccuring theme so far and hopefully as the story continues it'll be easier to get more vested in the character as he grows up and survives. 
my play through here with all the choices here:


I, too, like the multiple perspectives, but perhaps a scripted "ideal" selection of camera views, as if executed by a television producer, would be appreciated by some who just want to follow the dialogue?


Nice, but could have benefited from a wide shot of all three characters.  All of the other shots were too tight, lacking a comprehensive shot.  

Likewise, instead of a 5-grid diagram for scrolling through the shots, it would have made more sense to see a row of five dots that I would slide through in order/linearly.  

When the music plays, it's a sudden audio spike.  

Thanks for the feedback! The camera mechanics are an evolving work in progress :)




Dont make your page light white -.-

Hi, why not?


Because when it's night and u take a look at the game, it burns away your eyes ^^


Gameplay + both endings + thoughts here. I could really feel the love put into this game. It's why I'm on itch.io a lot. <3 <3 <3 

Thanks! Great vid :)

Thanks too! <3 


This was a great game! Thanks!

Thank you for playing!


oh man I don't know what to feel to that one lol. it was fun to play. the transition between the first game and this game is pretty sweet. I like the colors of the game. just like the first one, it is soothing. great plot btw and the art style is 10/10! 

Thank you so much!


I liked the color scheme of this one and, it took me a minute, but I got the connection to the first one :) I saw the flashlights in the background and I was obsessed with watching them come closer and closer


Thanks! Lots of thought goes into those colours ;)

Another nice game :) I love this kind of visual novel :)


Thanks for recording! It's super useful to be able to watch people play :)

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Your pleasure is mine! :)

I had It before the update and didn't run into any problems. It was a great sequal to the night fisherman and I love your art style it's really cool :) 

Thanks! I liked your St Bernard video lmao


I'm looking forward to your latest update, because it seems the game is having a bug...


Just released an update, should work fine now! Thanks for your patience :)

Lovely! Thank you! I will release the full gameplay very soon :)

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This really was pretty immersive! Really enjoyed it! Thanks for making such a short but concise game!

Thank you so much! Did you play the other game The Night Fisherman too?

i really wanted to check out this game after i received your mail. but i guess there is a bug after the title screen. but i will wait for the fix! :)

Just released an update, should work fine now! Thanks for your patience :)

hey um how long does the back screen last after the title?? ive been rebooting it but its still the same. 

It's a bug! We're working on it, I'll reply again when there's a fix.

ok thank you!

Just released an update, should work fine now! Thanks for your patience :)


The Night Fisherman brought me to your studio, and was wondering how well the follow-up would be, and again, phenomenal. So well written and very, very touch choices. The whole aesthetic is great and cannot wait for more. Will absolutely contribute to your patreon in the next few days. Your experiences are unlike anything I else I play and I love it.

Hey thanks, we appreciate it so much! Great video btw <3


That was great game you have there, real immersive, i was on edge the last few scenes, you should never stop making games, i love your work and commitment!

Aww thanks so much! WE WILL NEVER STOP


I was hyped when noticed that you have released a new part. Great visual experience and story line! The sudden music scared the crap out of me ;-P Big fan, can't wait for the next episode!

Thanks for playing! Sorry we scared you with free jazz lmao >:)


wow is all i have to say. this was a great short narrative and the art really was special. it was simple, but magnetic. stunning .you can honestly tell a lot of effort went into this game. great job ! you made a great game ! <3.


Thanks Brianna! Much appreciated <3

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I'm also having trouble launching the game. I'm on a gaming pc, and I get through the opening credits before I'm met with a black screen and the ambient sounds. 

Thanks, really enjoyed the first game, hope to play this one soon.


We'll look into it ASAP and reply when we've fixed it! Thanks for letting me know!


This happened to me too, I restarted the game and it worked.


Just released an update, should work fine now! Thanks for your patience :)


How long is the black screen after the title supposed to last? Each time I've tried to start the game, it never proceeds no matter how much I click or which buttons I press; it just stays on the black screen with the beach sounds. I'm on Windows 10.

Hi, what is your hardware like? It might be below the minimum, we're working on a patch

I'm having the same problem. I'm using a Radeon RX 570 gpu, and an i3-9100F cpu

Just released an update, should work fine now! Thanks for your patience :)


Here's my video. Such a great story. With great characters. I like how we continue with the story of the boy instead of having multiple main characters to worry about.


Hello I just finished making a video for this game. And I can definitely say that this was a great short narrative game. I do have a question, will there be any more short narrative games in this series? Because you made the main game and this is the sequel.

Thanks, can't wait to see it! We'd love to make this an ongoing monthly series, challenging notions around narrative game publishing and maybe looking further into the boy's future, but it all depends on the audience support we get :)


Awesome! If you guys do continue, I can't wait to see what happens to this boy. Especially after the 6 years that have passed since anyone has seen the boy! Keep it up.