A downloadable narrative survival for Windows and macOS

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Perma-death and Poetry. Survive the Bright Horror.

You're trapped in a British forest
It's fifty degrees below zero
Stick to the shadows
Build a fire
Deliver your message
You must stay warm at all costs


The Imagined Leviathan is a poetic atmospheric survival game set in a post-human Britain.


  • Get lost in a large, surreal, black and white forest
  • Bathe in ecological musings voiced by de Fault
  • Collect fragments of the past world as you explore
  • Y o u  a r e   n o t   a l o n e   i n   t h e   f o g                  
  • A 10-20 minute coffee-break-sized game
  • Freeze to death after wandering into the white void

Discuss the game further on our Discord.


Standard keyboard & mouse controls
WASD to move
Mouse to look
Left & Right Mouse to interact
E to make fire
Shift to crouch


鈥淏ut there is a limit..." and from Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer.
鈥淔ifty degrees below zero..." from To Build a Fire by Jack London

A game by Chard and de Fault

Audio by RC

with programming by John Connor

and art by Stuart Winton

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The Imagined Leviathan 0.3 WIN.zip 96 MB
The Imagined Leviathan 0.3 MAC.zip 98 MB

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Awesome game,art style is really cool and unique looking,also great atmosphere of freezing and surviving in winter forest,5\5

this was suchs a cool game<!


I thought that only I had seen those white things in the forest, it seems not.

I really enjoyed the game!

really obscure but also very nice looking


Very well done game! I had fun playing it 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤

Mac M1 Gameplay


I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me while playing, but in post I realized I was actually seeing things running around in the forest! Still very creepy after the fact. I loved the layout of the environment, and the unique way the gameplay interacts with what is around you. Of course, coming from FFG, (I probably mention this a lot) the expectation for a higher level of thought is always present. I love a game that makes you think, rather than a superficial, jumpscare-infested game. I wish the best to everyone who participated in this development, and look forward to the next installment from FFG!

Great work!


Thanks Twizz! This was a really great exploration of the game :)


My video on The Imagined Leviathan.


Will controller support ever be added?

I think it already supports controller, just imperfectly, give it a shot, let me know? Otherwise I'll get it in the next patch.

So far all that i can do is walk around


is this romance ?


very yes



Really Unique Experience, the art style and storytelling give the world character even with the simple graphics, and using the white void to hide monsters lurking around so you can only see them for a second when they move through the trees is a genius bit of game design. The game has brilliant eerie feeling as you explore and the utter panic it creates when you see something above you or are desperately trying to light a fire is brilliant.

i wish it was a bit longer and there was more to explore and see. 

Deleted post

Tried out the game, was confused.


has anyone paid close attention to the title? don't I kinda ruined the game for myself

i鈥檓 glad i don鈥檛 know english too well then lololol


I loved that. Made my heart sink any time I saw something bigger than myself. Especially  when said thing was dead 


A beautiful game. Loved the atmosphere.

(2 edits) (+2)

This was a neat little survival game played in 20min. I didn't see the horror part of it, but I liked this minimalist black and white and the feeling of being the only person alive in the world. I struggled quite a bit with the controls, the stories were quite hard to understand for a non-native speaking (would have loved to have full subtitles) and I finished the game by absolute pure luck. Always happy to see what the team comes up with every month :)


Reminds me of those good Canadian Summers ;{)


Very different 

I enjoyed it very much


I like this game: It's very interesting. Congratulations


Please, make a 32 bit version!

Windows or macOS?



Made you a build ;) It's also deployed on Steam, reviews there help us out a lot!


A survival game with a twist, this one! Trek around a harsh frozen landscape whilst building fires to stay warm and stay alive. That's the basic premise, but beneath that is a barrage of "campfire" stories that range from tales of climate change warnings, human selfishness and perhaps a sprinkle or two of hope.

As you make your way towards your final goal you are stalked by shadows and a huge beast in the sky that may or may not be real. It's another brilliantly unique game from these fine folks with little nods to their previous two games The Night Fisherman and The Outcast Lovers.

I believe the version I played may be outdated now and there may be some new additions I didn't see, but if you've played the first two games mentioned earlier then you don't need my recommendation to go and play this. If you haven't played them, I suggest you do, and then come back to this one!


Thanks Mikey! It's a great feeling when people really *get* the games :)

(2 edits) (+2)

Great game! It requires you to take the time to explore and make decisions along the way, but the game did not feel like a slow burn at all. I was absorbed in the game the whole time, even if I was just walking. I expected like an ambience or suspense that ramps up while you play the game, but it wasn't like that at all. But it still gives a sense of dread, and it got a couple of scares out of me. That leviathan, holy shit. Great stuff!

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan.
Thank you!

Great vid, thanks :)


I really like your game

and here's a video where I mentioned ur game and commented about it: 


This game is amazing. Unfortunately I've had to delete it from itch as I downloaded it from Steam, but that changes nothing. This game is still amazing, as are all Far Few Giants games.


Hey thank you :)


The game is very cool


HOLY CRAP STEAM LAUNCH? already? [insert happy emotion]


I kept freezing to death BUT it is one of the most enjoyable games to keep dying on


This ended up being a very profound experience that I was not expecting! A lot different from other games I've played in the past, very nice to see a unique take on the survival horror genre. Great job! 


You dm'd me and I came thruuuu.

This may actually be my favorite Far Few Giants game! I loved the sacrifices series but this is just something else altogether. It's got a very strong, philosophical foundation, the imagined leviathan. And I really get the sense that the art style and sound and gameplay flow from that. Going monochrome was a bold choice but it fits the game well. It contrasts the remnants of humanity against the winter storms. Gives me the sense of loneliness and that I'm physically experience the passages narrated. There are some bugs however! When I click a life to listen to sometimes it doesn't play right away or it freezes the screen. More thoughts/ comments/ philo ramblings throughout the video and review at the end!


I've had to restart the game several times due to really hard to use controls. I've seen in videos of gameplay that there's a multiple choice option when you are burning life, but for me the buttons seem invisible and I have to blind click through them. After clicking on the pillar at Steel Henge the screen turned black, audio began to loop, and I lost all ability to control. Is this intended?

hi my pc is not good not strong so i just want to change the resoulotion i dont know how pls help

Maybe go to setting in the game and press full screen


We had a fun time.


nice! I enjoyed it :)

(2 edits) (+1)

I got really excited when I saw that four-legged white creature (or am i imagining things?). It Reminded me emotionally of the suspense i felt when I encountered the invisible troll in brothers for the first time

(10:42 in vid. Link with timestamp doesn't seem to work)

This game is... Confusing...

But the graphic and the game mechanics (right hand/left hand/movement) are alright :)


How do you destroy life on a Mac?


In the process of creating a Mac, it has already happened.


Comment of the day.


Hi there! I have a Christian Gaming YouTube Channel, where I play video games and share my Christian faith. I played this game on my channel recently  and loved it!!! I think the game has a pretty deep lore and I love games with deep ores/meaning. I checked out your other games too and maybe I'll play more of your games on my channel :)

Please play the legendary Life's Battle


(1 edit)

I dont think I quite grasped the game, but that may be because I passed over a fair chunk accidentally. After seeing the steel henge from the hill, and noticing, "hey, the wind is coming right from that direction" I just followed the wind till I got there. I looked around, somehow never mousing over the interactable pillar(?) in the center, and then kept going, and walked off the map. I only realized I somehow missed most of the game after looking at others playthroughs, who followed the electrical wires that escaped my notice completely. In fact, only now, as I write this, am I noticing the electrical posts present in almost every image of the game on this page. The atmosphere is great, I'm glad there are very few invisible walls, and it seems like a great game for people who have good perception. (Note and suggestion, in real life, the wind is not a reliable measure for navigation. Though certainly atmospheric in this, and requiring less programming, perhaps more people would look for some landmarks if the wind changed direction at times.) 

P.S. Yes, I realize I am small brain.


We intend for you to follow the wind.

very nice game!! Loved this!!!!!


Thank you so much Kuri!

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