The Imagined Leviathan, our bright-white-horror, permadeath & poetry survival game, has just gone live!

You're trapped in a British forest

It's fifty degrees below zero

You must stay warm at all costs

We loved the original Mini Jam prototype so much, we've spent hundreds of hours completely overhauling it into a game for the Summer of Screams Jam! We're super proud of it, and we're ready to hand it over to the public. Plus it's the 3rd short game we've released this year! Hell yeah creative output!

If this launch goes well we have the opportunity, if we want, to spend a further *six months* developing the game. We've got BIG IDEAS about where we'd take it in a full dev cycle. Let us know what you want to see.

Please check it out and consider slinging a few bucks our way!

New features

  • Completely new map, with much higher variety
  • Y o u ' r e   n o t   a l o n e   i n   t h e   f o g                  
  • Bathe in brand-new ecological musings voiced by de Fault
  • Tactile fire-building, heat and wind-chill mechanics
  • Added tutorial, a goal, and a narrative conclusion
  • Complete graphical overhaul


The Imagined Leviathan for Mac 98 MB
33 days ago
The Imagined Leviathan for Windows 96 MB
33 days ago

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