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LOVED this. I was actually duped into thinking this was something that it wasn't and that is just a testiment to the spot-on work on the atmosphere. 


Great play through, Eric. Loved your commentary :)


The game's dope


You're dope


i saw it and then i quit

i hate being observant, also i am now having nightmares. overall one of the best games on




i mean like the first time you can see it. it's silhouette  kinda reminded me of a demogorgon from stranger things 

Great game 9/10 would play more of it if more was made.

Thanks! We'll see about that...


This was a really cool experience. Loved the inverted color usage to challenge the idea of the horror genre and I loved the unique story telling.  Highly recommend playing this game!



Thanks for making it, it was fantastic



this is brilliant, easily your best one so far. With the fight nisherman and the other one the experience was nice and minimalistic and it really made me think about what elements you'd need to make an efficient interactiv estory - but somewhat seemed like it could have had more detail etc. With this one, the style is thoroughly at home. It's perfectly settled in its minimal intent and execution. Bravo to you! 

Awww shucks <3 Thanks for your kind words!

how do you play the game. I download it and now I dont know how to actually start it


On PC? You double-click the 'The Imagined Leviathan.exe' file inside the folder you downloaded :) On Mac, you just double-click the file you downloaded, then if it says it can't be opened due to security settings, you have to go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General and click 'Open Anyway'. Have fun!!!!!

im on a windows 10 PC. I went to my folder and downloads and clicked the imagined leviathan WIN folder. what would I do next?

Inside that folder, double-click 'The Imagined Leviathan.exe' :)


Thank you for creating this game! The atmosphere and sound design is fantastic :) 
The visuals are amazing, I would love to know what shader you used in Unity to create this effect. Would love to experiment with it for my student projects. 

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Depends how complicated you want to get with it, my original inktober renders were unlit, I discuss it here:

Now I'm using a simple 'up vector mask' for the snow shader on all the rocks. There's plenty of examples of this available online.

The terrain shader is by Flatkit which gives me pure black shadows, but I still want to build my own solution and improve upon it eventually.

We were discussing the shadows over here


Really appreciate the reply! The game looks and feels fantastic, you have done something great here :) 


The big secret is build something really stupidly simple and keep piling on polish until it looks impressive. I can build  those forest scenes in under an hour from scratch with this artstyle.

bug report! on Mac, if I follow the tutorial instructions exactly, the game softlocks when I try to light the fire. I have tried 3 separate times, it always happens at the same moment. I have tried 2 times on the older build (0.3?) and 1 time on the most recent update.

I set up the fire with 3 fuels and kindling, I pick up the poetry, I pick up the spark, I walk over to the fire and click on it. After a left click it says "DESTROY LIFE FOR FIRE", and I can't move any more. I can move the mouse around though. Then, if I right click, it locks my mouse to the center of the screen (cursor remains visible) and I can't do anything. However, clicking left/right mouse buttons seems to alternate the iconography over the fire between [LIGHTER] + [LIFE] and just [LIFE].

I have a stylus/tablet plugged in, but I am using a regular mouse and keyboard.

Thanks for the really detailed report droqen, it's really strange that you're seeing this on the main path. Can I check this is on your first playthrough from boot and not on a restart? 

de Fault uses a Mac so we will investigate and hopefully have a fix up on Monday 🤞

The same is happening to me also in MAC. I'm running macOS Catalina 10.15.6

Thank you for your hard work.

Any news on this issue? Still waiting for Monday ;-)... Tried to play it yesterday again and still the same... Running Mac (Intel) Monterey 12.5.1 now.

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I'm terrible at survival games but this was a bunch of fun took me a bit but I made it to the obsidian stone I'm wondering if the ending depends on what message you use on the obsidian stone. I also doubt I found every message I only found 5. Also if your carrying the kindling around it does get where you can't drop it unless you already have sticks Dope game though my full play through here:  

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thank you! We're addressing that bug at the moment, thanks for calling it out! 

There's a hand full of messages in the game atm, you probably found all of them, we recorded a few more, they may get patched in next week to improve replayability.

Thank you so much for the coverage, can't wait to watch it!

Thanks for making it and reaching out again really appreciate it :D


No problem!

The message you bring with you matters.



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So i had some bugs in the game, collected all the stuff for bonfire but I couldn't drop them ... the cursor was stuck and none of the keys helped change anything

Hi, do you have any more information that would help us reproduce the bug?

Hello... That was about it, the only thing I could do is to restart and quit game...
None of the keys worked, it just got stuck .. Tell me, do you have to pick things in predefined order or is it random? Maybe that is the issue here ...

there's a known bug if you have 5 objects in your hand. We'll be pushing an update this weekend. What do you mean the cursor was stuck, was it in the pause menu?

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Just played this through a couple times. I thought I was being railroaded a bit the first time, but the second run was different enough that I feel like I need a few more plays to really get the full experience. It's good!

Thanks! Yeah it's just the tutorial that's linear, after that you can go whichever way. There's plenty to discover if you're brave enough to venture into the whiteout!


Your games are always so beautiful! I love this so much

Hmm yes but can you smooch horrific upside-down alien corpse flowers in them? No. You win again!

Haha I appreciate that, and will accept this righteous victory with aplomb!! I really look forward to what you come up with next!!

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It looks great, but if I was trapped in a british "forest" I'd just, walk out.
I've lived here for a couple years now and god damn, what people here call forests is as bushy as a bald cat's ass.


Send trees.


Have a bald cat, am British, can confirm


I'm curious, has your cat's skin small hair/fuzz or none at all? I'm afraid stroking it would be like touching warm dead meat, I can't imagine if it's pleasant or not. The camouflage jacket is neat.


A small amount of fuzz, and very soft. It's more like touching someone's cheek, or neck or something, it's actually very pleasant! 10/10 recommended wrinkledemon


Thanks for the info! I'll stroke one if I ever meet one :-)

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Looks very interesting. Getting a The Long Dark  vibe. Are there any plans on adding linux support?


Sorry no plans for Linux on the cards because we can't ensure a bug-free experience on it.

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