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I'm really impressed. The game has fantastic graphics, unique atmosphere and plot, and at the same time is quite difficult and requires attention and thoughtful choices as well as very meticulous choices of options. This is a big plus, but also the degree of difficulty can discourage causal players who are used to simple visual novels like kinetic. To sum up, the game is great and for every player who likes challenges and attention in many choices that require taking notes and in order to solve difficult puzzles. I sincerely recommend.

I was wondering what you guys use to make your games? I have been interested in making a game in similar style to yours for about 4 years now but never got around to it. Planning on an atmospheric warm toned, forest scene game. 

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I tried to make one of those before Ring of Fire and it was such a big job that I quickly gave up due to the complexities of building a convincing forest. I used Quixels megascans to populate the scene on my ArtStation but nowadays I'd grab a couple pre-existing forest packs from the unity asset store to get started, and cultivate your own rendering style, then teach yourself to make your own foliage to build hero-pieces.

If this is your first game I would recommend starting on small indoor spaces like we have here in Ring of Fire, you can grab a bunch of free assets online and combine them relatively quickly or buy an existing scene.

The reason you probably haven't gotten around to it is the idea is too big, pick something smaller first that you don't care deeply about, and make that as a way to learn your tools.

We use Unity as our rendering engine, you can combine it with any number of plugins such as adventure game toolkit + fungus, ink or yarn as your narrative engine. It's not important what 3d package you use but I would recommend Blender 2.8.  I use Photoshop for textures, concepts, and store art, but there are free alternatives like Krita.

I'd love to know how you get on, feel free to post about it in our community discord, happy to give you feedback and support!


Is this an actual prologue, events happening outside of the full version of the game, or will this content be featured in the full game?

Hey Bryan, it's essentially the first case from the game

Thanks! I love your other works so far so I'll just wait for this to be fully released.


Cool cool, excited to see the finished product

i can't play this because my computer screen isn't wide enough :/

Sorry about that, you're right, and the reason is because the game UI is locked to 1920 x 1080, we're looking into it for a future patch.

thanks for replying and letting me know

Looking forward to a patch for resolution as well since I'm really curious to play this!


Hi there! I really want to play this game but my Mac is saying that it's broken or damaged. I've just downloaded it from Itch (website) and am trying to get it to work. Any tips? I'm running Catalina on a late 2013 Macbook Pro. Thank you!

Hi, we just updated the Mac build, let us know how it works for you!


Just got it to open- thanks for the update! Can't wait to play! 


This game looks really great. Unfortunately, when I try to install it on my Mac, the file that is installed says that it is broken or incomplete. I have tried reinstalling a few times, but it does not help. Is anyone else having this issue?

Sorry you're dealing with this, a member of our team works on mac and tested it before publishing. Can you give us more information about your OS, any other specifics please?

Sure thing. I am running an older, upgraded mid-2012 MacBook Pro with Mojave version 10.14.6 (fully up-to-date). When I try to launch the game in the Itch app, I get the following error: "JSON-RPC conversation cancelled". When I look at the downloaded app, the icon has a 'no' symbol (circle with a stroke through it). When I click on it to launch directly from my computer, I get the error "You can't open the application "Ring of Fire Prologue" because it may be damaged or incomplete." I checked the file size and it says it's "481.3 mb on disk". I have tried to reinstall it via the Itch app. I have also uninstalled it via the Itch app and re-installed it. Neither worked.
I hope that helps. Thanks!

Thanks, sorry it's not working got you. We'll look into it first thing Monday morning.

Thanks. And, no worries at all. In case it helps, I tried to open it in Terminal and it said that it was missing and executable file.

that could be it ;) if you DM us on Twitter I'll send you a Steam key which shouldn't have that issue. @farfewgiants


Very interesting premise, stunning art-style, looking forward to seeing more! Like other people I noted down so much, I like the idea of needing to for the full game!

This demo had me absolutely hooked!

The writing is snappy and mature, without feeling excessive or out of place.

I'll admit, I was actually writing down notes of the state of the crime scene, complete with names and locations. It's been awhile since I've felt incentivized to not miss a single detail.

Atmosphere is something this game has in spades, and I'm very excited to see a full episode. It would also lend itself to multiple different cases and expanding the world!

Great work on the systems that control the game as it is.



I played the game and I loved it! It's so satisfying to play, it shows that everything was made with good care. I would love to play the extended version.

I made a video, you can watch it here 

Thank you so much for this experience!! 



I tried the Prologue and I love it! Really: thanks for the hard work! ✨

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but, do you have any plans of translating the game into Spanish? I'm from Mexico and I have studies in Literature and linguistics, can I help?

Hey, glad you enjoyed it! Translation is a bit uncertain at the moment, the game uses a user-entered search database and some language-specific leaps of logic in order to solve the puzzles. If you'd like to talk about it some more drop us an email or DM on twitter!