A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

 Scour police records.
 Antagonize your suspects.
 Comb through a disturbing crime scene.

 You'll stop at nothing to discover the true identity of the Ring of Fire killer.

Ring of Fire is a detective noir puzzler set in the solarpunk utopia of New London. You play as Detective Grosvenor, a jaded, middle-aged woman hunting through the still-dark corners of the city in pursuit of a radicalised serial killer.

Using your powers of deduction you must solve the brutally gruesome murders of the Ring of Fire killer. Examine clues, interrogate key suspects, and cross-reference your findings in the police database to uncover the mystery.

Solve the case using text entry, you can’t brute force the puzzle.

Push your suspects to the brink through branching cinematic conversations with meaningful consequences.

Explore the crime scene to examine evidence both visually & textually.

- - -


Ring of Fire Prologue - Windows x64 159 MB
Ring of Fire Prologue - macOS 170 MB


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I played the game and I loved it! It's so satisfying to play, it shows that everything was made with good care. I would love to play the extended version.

I made a video, you can watch it here 

Thank you so much for this experience!! 


I tried the Prologue and I love it! Really: thanks for the hard work! ✨

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but, do you have any plans of translating the game into Spanish? I'm from Mexico and I have studies in Literature and linguistics, can I help?

Hey, glad you enjoyed it! Translation is a bit uncertain at the moment, the game uses a user-entered search database and some language-specific leaps of logic in order to solve the puzzles. If you'd like to talk about it some more drop us an email or DM on twitter!